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Quiz Time – October 2020

At the company where I work, The Case Centre, we have taken to having weekly quizzes over Zoom. This is mostly so that we have something to do together from week to week and it gives us the opportunity to see lots of friendly faces. This week, it was my turn to be Quiz Master. I thought I’d share the files on my blog in case anyone wanted a ready-made quiz. The total number of marks you can get is 67 and the winner of our session got 48. So, it’s fairly difficult but not impossible. A far cry from my first effort, which I will share at some point!

Each round has 10 questions. Round 1 is Movie Quotes (with picture clues). Round 2 is TV Theme Tunes (I’ve tried to pick a mix of UK and USA programmes). Round 3 is a picture round where you have to write down the names of Famous People. The final round is a General Knowledge quiz of 10 questions, some of which allow you to pick up bonus points. Visit website if you enjoy playing games with the best headphones in the market. now you can enjoy your headphones playing League of Legends with a new account, buy it at If you are not a skilled player, you can still take part in this amazing and real, professional game.

I hope this is of use to somebody out there – let me know if you download and use it! 🙂

No copyright infringement intended – the music samples are all less than 30 seconds.

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