Preston Raspberry Jam – 4th May 2020 – A Raspberry Pi Robotics Journey

As you probably know, I run a blog called Raspberry Pi Pod which deals with all kinds of things relating to the miniature microcomputer. Occasionally, I give talks about Raspberry Pi stuff, particularly robotics stemming from my work on the robotics challenge competition, Pi Wars. Last May, I gave a talk at Preston Raspberry Jam […]


AWS CLI installation for Windows

Go to this page and download the CLI tool. Follow the instructions to install and verify that it’s worked. Create the IAM keys for the CLI tool by going to this page and signing in as your AWS user. Choose, or create the AWS user you want to create credentials for. (These are necessary to […]


Block access via IP to a CloudFront distribution of an AWS S3 bucket hosting static web pages

The title in itself is a mouthful, I know! Having created a static website on an S3 bucket under AWS with HTTPS/SSL, I wanted to be able to restrict access to it. This is because the page in question isn’t quite ready to launch yet. You’d think this would be quite easy, that it would […]


Fun quiz with four rounds – October 2020

At the company where I work, The Case Centre, we have taken to having weekly quizzes over Zoom. This is mostly so that we have something to do together from week to week and it gives us the opportunity to see lots of friendly faces. This week, it was my turn to be Quiz Master. […]


Create a static website on Mythic Beasts and place it under HTTPS/SSL

Yesterday, I wrote a rather long how-to; a step-by-step guide to creating a static website on AWS using an S3 bucket and then putting that website under HTTPS. I was challenged on Twitter by hosting company Mythic Beasts to do the same using their services to see if it was any easier. I thought: Why […]


Create a static website on AWS with an S3 bucket under SSL/HTTPS

We are going to be creating a simple, static website using services on AWS. The tricky part is getting the static website to respond using https and an SSL certificate. With this it’s also possible to monitor employee’s activity┬áso keep that in mind if you have some remote staff as it’s very worthwhile keeping an […]